Stay Silent PVD

Names:  Jason Almeida & Sabrina Chaudhary

Occupations: Partners, Stay Silent PVD & Trade Pop-Up

Age: 27 & 28

City: Providence

A new generation of PoC curators are crafting artistic, cultural programming on their own terms, without fear or shame. What separates them as space brokers—and ultimately points to where their success lies—is their awareness of the interrelation between what they are creating, who they are, and acts of community empowerment. One such organisation is Providence based agency stay silent PVD, founded by Jason Almeida and Sabrina Chaudhary in 2012. Together with a talented in-house design, marketing, and event planning team, they put on wildly successful annual day party Day Trill, run well-known Luv U Better and Bounce House parties monthly, as well as themed Eggz Over brunches up and down the coast.

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Name:  Aton Bridges

Occupations: Computer Scientist, Urban Agriculturalist & Farmer, Social Entrepreneur, Founder of Acrefy and Agrowhood subsidiaries of his company, Mashamba.

Age: Early Thirties

City: Atlanta


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Huston-Tillotson University

Names:  Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette

Occupations: President and CEO, Huston-Tillotson University

Age: 60

City: Austin


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